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App Lab

A community process of creating a social, geolocative, creative app.
July - December 2012
Community App development project to create a creative way to navigate the footprint of the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial.
Role in project:
Creative director, concept development, team development strategic planning and implimentation, led at all levels.


App Lab Is a community driven initiative by ZERO1 to create an open API and collaborative mobile app for the ZERO1 biennial. The App Lab worked with three groups to mentor, lead, and learn. The overall goal of the app was to create a social science experiment exploring how an app can create community and a seamless visitor experience for the ZERO1 Biennial. It uses a variety of techniques and practitioners that include but are not limited to: social media, randomized social interactivity, digital visualisation, geo location, mapping, storytelling, crowd sourcing, and community curation.


App Lab includes:


2 Artworks within the app


Social activities


Art Ambassador program

Danielle Siembieda is a Systems Artist and Environmental Performance Expert based in the San Francisco Bay Area 

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