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Danielle Siembieda - Alter Eco Artist

Danielle is an Art Practitioner creating works in the intersection of technology and the environment. Her experience bridges the gap between arts marketing, curation and practice. Her portfolio of work spans out into Social Practice, Institutional Critique, Bio Art, Eco Art, New Media and Intervention Art. 

My role as an artist involves being a translator, an instigator, and a mediator --in other words, as artist Andrea Frasier puts it, a “service provider.” The artist’s eye is labor in itself. We have the ability (and should use it) to complex systems in a way the public can understand. My mission is to apply my creative gifts to transform systems and be a vessel for change.  I define myself as an Alter Eco-Artist to illuminate the opportunity to engage in emerging technologies used in new media art to address climate disaster, interspecies relationships, and the economy. What differentiates my practice from traditional eco-art is the focus on climate tech, green chemistry, energy software and life cycle engineering.  While I often use media art and fabtech as the artifact of my research,  I repeatedly employ dialogic art, social practice, bio-art, and institutional critique in my practice. As an interventionist, I utilize strategies that will provoke discussion and bring forward self-awareness of practice. 

Artist Statement

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