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Art Buzz

The vocabulary and common language used by arts professionals can sometimes be comedic. There are the fabulously ambiguous, yet often stale, grant narrative go-to’s. Then there’s the pompous prose and overblown “art speak” of curatorial and artists’ statements. Finally, you have the trendy, inventive, buzzworthy jargon of the latest creativity and innovation summits. Artbuzz proposes itself as an opportunity to hold the mirror to ourselves and have a laugh. By coming together and identifing these overused words we will start the process of creating new ones that can hold true meaning for us.

ArtBuzz is a creative game and workshop that involves toasting a beverage (or other incentive) to common buzzwords while watching a mashup of the year’s top arts conferences and other influential resources (e.g. TED Talks). The concept is similar to common “drinking games” that involve word repetition (i.e. Roxanne or Jammin’) yet “prizes” will vary in form and will be distributed at different intervals as select milestones are met.

The primary objective of the game is to incite an animated dialogue about the current vocabulary of arts administrators, artists, and other creative professionals. Participants will be encouraged to brainstorm and share their own buzz words, both serious and funny, for integration within the field. A secondary outcome is the gathering of current fellows, alumni, and interested emerging arts leaders who will reconnect, network and reflect on the sector together.

Games include Art Buzz Bingo, Mind Your RFP's and RFQ's and Nerds vs. Smarties.

This game was performed at Betti Ono Gallery, Oakland California and at the Center for New Music, San Francisco, California.

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