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Jean Gnome

I’m a morpheus personality sharing speculative stories around transhumanism & genomics. Follow me on my journey to make edits to my DNA Sequence!
Follow my journey on Instagram @JeanGnomeArt.

Jean Gnome is a morpheus personality living inside social networks (Instagram) who creates its reality by sharing speculative stories around transhumanism and genomics. As Jean evolves so, will it's following, genetic traits and its influence on culture. Fans and followers can request/suggest modifications to Jean's DNA causing it to mutate. Along the way, engagement insights and metrics will determine the direction of its storyline. Jean will share short narratives assisted with an artificial intelligence creative fiction software OpenAI’s GPT-3. Jean uses its platform to invite celebrity artists, scientists, and some fictional beings to pop in and chat about their work on Instagram Live. Throughout this, Jean's physical features are seen through augmented facial masks and deep fakes but performed by its artistic creator Danielle Siembieda.

Intern assistant Ronit Chopra.

This project is supported by the UCSC Open Lab and the UCSC Genomics Institute.

You can meet Jean in Mozilla Hubs through the What Makes Us Human Exhibition or on Instagram.

Danielle Siembieda is a Systems Artist and Environmental Performance Expert based in the San Francisco Bay Area 

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