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The Community Engagement Expert and Digital Strategist. 


I am a Community Engagement Expert and Digital Strategist in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have over 15 years of experience building communities, executing creative campaigns and developing digital strategies around social media, SEO/SEM and web development. 



Community means something different to each company. Are you trying to build a network of consumer advocates? Does your community meet both online and in person? How do you want your community scale? Are in interested in building community through a creative and interactive event? I will work with your company to answer the above questions and look for creative solutions and methods to strengthen your community partnerships. 


The core of how I build community stems from grassroots community organizing. I come from a community organizing background working with diverse communities building trust, relationships and empowering leaders.  I approach community building with mediation skills, empathic listening, responsive design and positive energy

With so many tools and platforms available how do you choose which one? The world of digital tools from mobile, web and social can be overwhelming. You're in luck, I love navigating this broad web of opportunities and connecting them to your organizations programs and goals. 


I am a nerd. I love systems architecture and the challenge of connecting the dots between websites, social media, content and emerging technologies.


I'm a connector and an artist therefore the best way for me to connect to my network is through social media tools. I've learned from the best in the business including social media expert Beth Kanter. I've used my FOMA (Fear of Missing Out) syndrome to my advantage and am on watch for the latest tools and platform changes so that I know best on how to advice my clients.  


Does your website and social media channels need new information updated daily? What is the best type content for your audience? How do you make content curation easy? Does your organization have a content calendar? What about a strategy on how you will organize content? As a writer and artist I am always looking at new ways to engage audiences through great images, videos and text. Let me help you get started.

With billions of websites and millions of Facebook pages out there how do you get noticed? Understanding the principles of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing is crucial to the outreach of your business. Let me help you connect your website to the right tools to get noticed. 

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Danielle Siembieda is a Systems Artist and Environmental Performance Expert based in the San Francisco Bay Area 

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