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Art Inspector: Saving the Earth by Changing Art

2009 - Present. An ongoing project to lower the carbon footprint of artists. More at
About the Art Inspector:

This project started in the Social Practice genre of art addressing the Institutional Critique of the art industry and sustainability. It uses a combination of energy auditing systems, green materials, educataion and advocacy to change the standard of practice for art making.


There are three major programs with the Art Inspector including a Healty Art Program (Education), Green Certification (3rd Party Inspections) and Art Reform (Best Practices for Art Making).


For more information and details go to

Art Inspector Printmakers Studio 2
Art Inspector Removing Toxic Materials
Art Inspector Delivering Organic Fabric
Art Inspector Printmakers Studio 1
Toxic Materials
Art Inspector Printers Studio 3
Art Inspector Testing Materials
Art Inspector Office
VOC Reader

Danielle Siembieda is a Systems Artist and Environmental Performance Expert based in the San Francisco Bay Area 

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