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Creative Work in Sustainability


I work with green technology and energy systems in artworks. I am interested in change of public behavior of how we understand energy and the environment. I've partnered with several companies over the years including Silicon Valley Energy Watch, City of San Jose, City of San Francisco and San Jose State University to realize projects that address the gap between energy efficiency, green materials and the public.


Over the past several years I have been working with artists to address ways in which they can lower their carbon footprint and practice in a healthier way -- for themselves and the environment. The obstacle to improved practice is the lack of information on how to change, limited supply of alternative materials and fear of drawing attention to dilapidated work spaces in an industry where affordable real estate is hard to come by. Even with these challenges, artists are interested in learning how to change. My goal is for artists to green their practice through greener materials, and greener spaces. Using researched methods, the artists themselves become personally and environmentally safer, along with their work and workplaces. This is done through assessment, product information, training, and increasing artist green efficacy. I am the only professional who provides this set of focused greener artist services in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Danielle Siembieda is a Systems Artist and Environmental Performance Expert based in the San Francisco Bay Area 

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