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Siembieda & Associates

Leading experts in art and sustainability. Helping transform cultural institutions through environmental performance.

Sudeep is a chemical engineer by education and a champion of the Cradle-to-Cradle design framework. He is a co-inventor of patented CiCLO® technology, designed to eliminate microplastic pollution in the oceans and textile waste in landfills.

He developed, in collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Getty Conservation Institute in LA, biomimetic coatings at Sandia National Labs, to protect monuments and statues from acid rain attack. For the last 10 years Sudeep has has been focused on designing innovative materials for the circular economy and offers technical innovation and design services to companies through SlowTech Labs in Ojai, California.

Chemical Engineer, Circular Product Expert

Sudeep Motupalli Rao, PhD

Danielle's Art Resume

Sustainability Home

Swati Sharma has 15 years of professional experience as an environmental health leader with expertise in toxicology, implementation of sustainable practices and environmental preferable purchasing.


She has been committed to fighting for environmental justice, worker’s rights, women’s rights, environmental health, and social justice. She has extensive experience in toxics reductions strategies, pollution prevention polices, and sustainable business practices and has worked with a variety of industries to implement safer products. She previously worked for San Francisco’s Department of Environment, where she helped over 500 businesses implement sustainability practices. With expertise ranging from health and environmental impacts of toxic chemicals, to safer product ratings and hazardous waste compliance, Swati has experience in both product evaluation, implementation as well as training. Swati brings extensive business process knowledge, communication, and community experience and has technical knowledge of green chemistry as well as federal/state health and environmental regulatory compliance. Swati received her B.S. from UCLA in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics and her M.S. in Global Environmental Health and Toxicology from UC Berkeley.

Toxics Reduction Specialist

Swati Sharma

Inspired by big visions and deep connection, Elizabeth is an Arts & Culture Designer and Project Manager turned Independent Producer. 

Project Manager

Elizabeth Etienne

Danielle's Art Resume

Sustainability Home

Danielle Siembieda

Art and Sustainability Expert

Over the past decade, Danielle Siembieda has been working with artists to address ways to lower their carbon footprint and practice more healthily -- for themselves, the environment, and the communities affected by environmental justice. Siembieda’s goal is for artists to green their practice through greener materials and greener spaces. Using methods provided by Siembieda, the artists themselves become personally and environmentally safer, along with their work and workplaces. This is done through assessment, product information, training, and increasing artist green efficacy. 

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